Thailand Board of Investment

Thailand Board of Investment. For foreign businesses seeking to expand into Southeast Asia, Thailand beckons with its strategic location, skilled workforce, and robust infrastructure. The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) plays a pivotal role in attracting foreign investment and propelling Thailand’s economic growth.

What is the BOI?

Established in 1966, the BOI is a government agency under the Office of the Prime Minister. It serves as a one-stop shop for foreign investors, offering a range of incentives and support services to make Thailand an attractive investment destination.

BOI’s Mission:

The BOI’s primary mission is to:

  • Promote Foreign Investment: The BOI actively promotes foreign investment in targeted industries and activities that align with Thailand’s development goals.
  • Provide Incentives: The BOI offers various incentives to entice foreign investors, including tax breaks, import duty exemptions, and permission to own land under certain circumstances.
  • Offer Support Services: The BOI assists investors with navigating the business registration process, obtaining work permits, and facilitating connections with relevant government agencies.

Benefits of BOI Promotion:

Obtaining BOI promotion offers significant advantages for foreign businesses:

  • Reduced Costs: Tax breaks and import duty exemptions can significantly reduce operational costs.
  • Simplified Procedures: The BOI streamlines the business setup process, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness: BOI incentives can give your business a competitive edge in the Thai market.
  • Access to Expertise: The BOI provides valuable guidance and support throughout your investment journey.

Who Can Qualify for BOI Promotion?

The BOI prioritizes investments that contribute to Thailand’s economic and technological development. Here are some of the sectors favored by the BOI:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Digital Economy
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Services

Getting Started with the BOI:

Visit our website for more detailed information: on eligible activities, application procedures, and incentive packages. The BOI also maintains offices worldwide to assist potential investors.


The Thailand Board of Investment plays a critical role in attracting foreign investment and driving Thailand’s economic progress. By offering attractive incentives and streamlined support services, the BOI makes Thailand a compelling destination for businesses seeking expansion in Southeast Asia. If you’re considering venturing into the Thai market, exploring BOI promotion is a strategic first step.

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